Takeshia Rhynes

Co-Founder/ CEO

Takeshia Rhynes is the president and CEO of A Change Generation. Takeshia represents change; she is a living testimony that change is possible. Takeshia is a very outgoing and positive person who strives to help make the world a better place. Takeshia grew up on the southside of Chicago without her parents and following in their footsteps spent some time in Juvenile Detention Centers. One day she woke up and said “I’ve had enough; someone has to break the cycle. I will not be what everybody thinks I’m going to be because of my past experiences.” Despite how things looked on the outside she always knew in her heart she was great and would be successful. Takeshia was determined to turn her life around. She graduated high school on time and went on to receive her certification for Electronic System Technician. Takeshia started working for Comcast in 2006 as the top sales rep and received a promotion in 2009 to move to Atlanta for a new position. Takeshia had no family in Georgia but it was an opportunity and she took it. It turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Takeshia was very successful, becoming the top sales rep in the region for multiple years. After buying a big house, new car, and traveling the world she felt something was still missing. This is when Takeshia started doing volunteer work with her free time with different organizations in Georgia coaching at-risk young adults. Takeshia enjoyed it so much that she started to like it more than the job she was getting paid for. Takeshia decided to take a leap of faith and resigned as the top sales rep to pursue her passion in opening an independent living program. Determined to make a change for other youth in the foster care system, Takeshia first became a certified life coach. She realized why GOD made her experience everything she went through, so she can pay it forward. Takeshia’s purpose is to spread the word to every young person who thinks they can’t be successful because of past experiences that anything is possible if you believe. In 2013, Takeshia and Tiffany co-founded A Change Generation. Having ventured down this path at a young age with little experience, they were confronted with skepticism and money hungry nonprofit consultants looking to charge them thousands of dollars for their “expertise”. Frustrated with the process, and determined to do whatever it takes to change the lives of our young adults, they recharged their battery and sought out to make a difference. They spent every day and night for 2 years researching and building the program. After a 9 month application process with DFCS, A Change Generation has been approved for a state funded contract starting July 2015. Takeshia has made it her life work to motivate and inspire others to join together to help America’s forgotten and thrown away youth

Tiffany Rhynes

Co-Founder/ COO

Tiffany Rhynes has always been a positive and giving member of her community. Being the oldest of 5 kids Tiffany had to grow up quickly when her mother got sick. Tiffany had to step up to help take care of her siblings while still trying to graduate high school on time and follow her dreams. Throughout her time in school, she was a member of a variety of different social justice organizations in Florida, where she grew up. After going on to college and receiving her certification as an EMT, Tiffany moved to New Orleans where she began volunteering at a group home for young girls. It was during this period of time when she began to see the connections between social issues affecting different populations, and realized she wanted to dedicate herself to non-profit work, specifically with youth.  So in 2013 Tiffany moved to Atlanta to help Takeshia build a new and innovative program to help our youth not only get off the streets but stay off the streets for good. Tiffanys focus is finding resources and providing services that will give our young adults the tools to become self-sufficient for a lifetime.